About Us

Who is mySentiv?

mySentiv is a company committed to providing parents and institutions with an online behavioral application. We are focused on providing those with learning differences a set of motivational tools to encourage positive responses. We take classic proven institutional tools like token boards, sticker charts, visual schedules and picture boards and transform them into a virtual animated game like environment. These tools were created with therapists and educators to support ABA methods and can be completely customized to whatever interests and motivates the user keeping them excited and engaged.

To further assist therapists and educators alike, we also provide many advanced behavioral management tools with our mySentiv CARE support. From data collection, through behavior incidents and custom assessments, to analysis and strategy formulation via our in depth behavior reports and strategy templates, we strive to deliver solutions to assist with improving behavior. Take advantage of our unique algorithms and create your own assessments with our assessment builder to further track the progress and effectiveness of any behavioral plan.

From our hearts to yours

We made this application because we care, and we heard you. We take the success of your adventurer personally and want to help in motivating them to thrive. We spoke to hundreds of parents and supporters who use similar tools and put them into one easy to use place.