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Here at mySentiv we are committed to helping you, the parent, increase positive behavior, reduce interfering behavior while equipping your children with the ability to maintain desired conduct. We strive to provide you with all the tools you need to set your child up for success.

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mySentiv Enterprise

mySentiv is designed to provide quality tools to institutions for learning characteristics of children with Developmental Disabilities in mind. These tools were created with therapists and educators to support ABA methods. Learn how you can increase your businesses performance now.

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Welcome To mySentiv World

Pairing behavioral management tools and technology!

mySentiv is an online behavioral application focused on those with Special Needs that provides motivational tools to encourage positive responses in our adventurers. mySentiv combines proven institutional tools to promote motivation in performing preferred tasks by incentivizing adventurers with rewards. The platform’s colorful and animated visuals provide a game-like environment which keeps your adventurers excited and engaged, all while giving them ownership of their actions and progress.


Our Activities

Have your Adventures engage with our interactive tools helping them complete important tasks while earning rewards

Token Board

A visual system that reinforces desired behavior immediatly through incentivized motivation

Sticker Chart

A long-term visual system that rewards modifications in behavior to reaffirm a desired outcome

Visual Schedule

Using a series of pictures to communicate a sequence of tasks or steps to complete an activity

Picture Board

Simple communication tool using symbol support to identify needs, wants and/or feelings


Visual tool that demonstrates reinforcement in time and ease of transitioning

Reward Center

Redemption center where coins collected can be exchanged for various rewards

Your Custom Adventure

mySentiv allows you to create your world, your way. We know that no adventurers needs are the same. So, with thousands of assets to choose from and the ability to upload your own pictures, you are able to create tools specific to your adventures needs.

Jump in and get started with our prebuilt adventures which will turn Token Boards and Sticker Charts into an interactive experience. When Adventurers receive a token/sticker, their animated character moves through a series of challenges until reaching their ultimate goal.

You also have the option to customize your activities by selecting your own background and token/sticker followed by a picture of the reward or reinforcer. With mySentiv you have the power and control to design an entire world centered around your adventurers preferences and needs.

Take advantage of our ever growing 25,000+ asset library by creating an endless combination of activities. If for any reason we do not have what you need, you may upload your own pictures or provide suggestions on what you would like to see in our library and we will happily integrate them.

Additional Features

Child Safe

No Advertising, no pop-up ads, no external links.

Educational Resources

Take advantage of our extensive library offering helpful tips and articles.

Progress Tracking

Helpful and effective progress reports.

Always Online

Cloud based system with no installation and lifetime upgrades.

Your Business

Institutions and businesses, we have something for you too! Maximize the impact in your therapy sessions or classrooms with our powerful and advanced interactive dashboard and reports. Harness behavioral data to make more informed decisions on your behavior improvement strategies. Track the effectiveness of your progress with our tools and unique algorithms created by mySentiv. We also invite you to take advantange of our assessment builder to create your own assessments and further track changes in behavior.


mySentiv CARE

Take your business to the next level with our unique and revolutionary C.A.R.E Cycle!


The path to improved behavior starts with observing and tracking all aspects of the behavior. mySentiv CARE provides a behavioral management platform with simple to use collection forms that promote a consistent and frequent incident tracking routine. We make it easy to collect the information from a behavioral event which can be used to create constructive improvement strategies.

  •  ABC Incidents
  •  Behavioral Frequency
  •  Behavioral Duration
  •  Notes
  •  Assessments


To obtain a more complete interpretation about behavior, you need the tools to compile and evaluate the behavioral information gathered. mySentiv CARE makes this simple and intuitive by organizing all behavioral data into a centralized system and overlaying that information with easily understandable reports. All behavioral data is easily accessible as summarized cases to provide actionable insights into what drives non-preferred behavior.

  •  Behavior Report
  •  Assessment Report


The leading factor to improve behavior is forming and implementing an effective and analytically supported behavioral improvement strategy. mySentiv CARE also provides guidance through the preparation of these practical strategies to formulate, prevent and replace non-preferred behavior. In conjunction with the MySentiv World activities, behavioral strategies are strengthened through incentivization and reinforcement goals.

  •  Behavior Improvement Strategy
  •  mySentiv World Activites
  •  Assessments


With bringing about change in behavior, it is also necessary to reflect on the progress being made to understand effectiveness and know where and when to adjust at the right time. mySentiv CARE assists with this process by bringing together all activities and behavioral changes, through metrics and constant feedback, into a comprehensive suite of tools. These tools provide invaluable insights into the impact on behavior and effectiveness of the strategy to further guide additional recommendations and intervention strategies.

  •  Activity Effectiveness
  •  Reward Effectiveness
  •  Goal Effectiveness
  •  Behavioral Analysis

Upcoming Events

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13th Annual World Conference

  • Nov.29 - Dec. 1
  • Las Vegas, NV

November 29 - December 1, 2018. The 13th Annual US Autism Association World Conference and Expo will be hosted at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa in Henderson, NV

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mySentiv World & mysentiv CARE

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